Why Should your Business Sponsor WordCamp Jackson?

Why Should your Business Sponsor WordCamp Jackson?

Do you want to see Jackson flourish? Do you want to see businesses in Jackson represented well to the world? Do you want to see entrepreneurs, bloggers and communities grow? Do you want to invest in the future of home grown web developers and startups? WordCamp Jackson is an opportunity to support the local community and invest in all of these things. WordCamp Jackson attendees will be local bloggers, community mangers, website managers, marketing agencies, web hosting companies, developers, inventors and business owners.

Jackson Businesses

Dozens of agencies, community groups and companies in Jackson depend on WordPress software and expertise to create and manage their websites. These range from single page brochure sites to full fledged higher-ed websites.

Whether a business wants to improve the design of their website, hire or train someone to manage their site, add functionality or integrate it with another service, it is helpful to have people in Jackson that have experience working with WordPress. Participating in the community means that there is help when you, your agency or in-house developer is trying to figure something out. Having a vibrant WordPress community in Jackson will:

  • Improve how businesses use WordPress
  • Broaden the experience of WordPress in the community
  • Empower innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Decrease the cost of in-house WordPress development
  • Avoid common pitfalls and frustrations of working with WordPress

Opportunity in Jackson

WordPress provides an opportunity for anyone with access to a computer, even a library computer, to start to make something. Often times it is a blog or a small website. This empowers them to get their voice out there, connect with like minded people or take control of their business/life. As people get familiar with how WordPress works they start wanting to do more with their website, change colors, see how the HTML works, and experiment with plugins. WordPress is open source and made for tinkering. Step by step, people are learning the basics of web design and development.

When a person comes to web design or development it is usually with a desire to create something. Learning through tinkering, discovery, and trial and error allows the learner to develop connections and understanding on her own terms and at her own pace and relates what she does with what she wants to accomplish. – Morten Rand-Hendriksen

No matter where they are in their journey, connecting with other people who are familiar with WordPress and web technologies will accelerate their progress and improve the quality of their work.

Over time, those in Jackson interested in WordPress will have the experience to take on contract or full time positions at companies in Jackson, build a site for their own local company, or work in web development remotely. This helps combat the ‘Brain Drain’ of Jackson natives moving to bigger cities looking for work. It also helps businesses think twice before outsourcing technical work that could be done in Jackson.

Companies that stand for innovation, technological opportunity and revitalization in Jackson would do well to support the local WordPress community.

What is a WordCamp?

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 75 million sites on the web.

Each individual event is organized by local WordPress users, developers and fans. Showcasing local talent is one of the best things about WordCamp, and a WordCamp program includes local speakers/presenters whenever possible.

WordCamps make a point of being accessible and affordable for attendees. WordCamps are operated by tireless volunteers, from the organizers who plan it all to the volunteers who work the event and the speakers who donate their time to teach you new things. Expenses covering venue, printing, snacks and speaker gifts are entirely covered by ticket sales and our wonderful event sponsors.

Tickets for WordCamp Jackson cost $20 per person and typically include a light breakfast + coffee, a t-shirt and an after conference social event. Sponsorship typically covers 50% of the value that attendees get with their $20 ticket.


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Fostering a Supportive Community

It may sound cliché, but we are better together. Not everyone needs to make the same mistakes, not everyone needs to take days or weeks to figure something out. Sometimes a nudge is all it takes to accelerate growth and understanding. This happens in the context of a supportive community, full of people who have already made this journey and blazed the trial.

In addition to WordCamp Jackson there is a local WordPress meet-up that meets twice a month to help people in the community who are using WordPress. This is a welcoming environment for people at all levels of experience.

In summary

Local businesses rely on WordPress. It provides jobs. It is a gateway for learning web development. It empowers people to do something, learn something, make something. It has a great community. It helps people move forward in their skills so that when companies need assistance, they don’t need to hire developers, marketers etc.. from other cities or out of state.

Help us put on an awesome event!

Examples of WordPress websites built by Jackson WordPress developers:

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